Fridge Move | Services in Vancouver

Large Item Shipping | Move Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Stoves Prices start at $160 For 2 Movers + Cube truck + Appliance Dolly

Fridge Move | Services in Vancouver East Vancouver

How to Move a Refrigerator

Fridge Move | Services in Vancouver. We can move any appliance. From small apartment sized refrigerators to restaurant  refrigerators. All single items fall under our flat rate pricing. No hourly rates for small jobs

Things you will run into when moving the following:


  • ALL refrigeration appliances must be kept upright while being transported.
  • Water line hook up.
  • If your appliance has an ice maker and/or water dispenser you will need a waterline AND the proper connector ends. There are 3 sizes. Make sure that both ends on the waterline fit the fridge and the waterline of the house. If they do not, you will need to go to your hardware store and get a coupler/adapter in order for the line to be connected. Make sure to buy Teflon tape as well. This will prevent even the smallest drop of water from leaking.
  • Fitting though your doorway.
  • Most apartment sized refrigerators (top freezer) will fit through just about any doorway. However, when you purchase a side by side or a French door refrigerator, there is a good chance that the doors will need to be removed. Either the door of the house or the doors on the refrigerator. Removing the doors on a side by side and a French door fridge will take some time, about 25 min max to remove and another 25 min to install.
  • Switching the side of the handle.
  • Almost all refrigerators have the ability to have the door handles switched. This is something you will want if the fridge door opens away from the wall and not towards it.

Washer and Dryer:

  • When moving a washer and dryer you will need water hoses, gas hook up (if its a gas powered dryer) and a 110/220v electrical plug in.
  • NOTE: Make sure that if you are buying an electric washer/dryer combo unit, you make sure the voltage matches. We have moved appliances for people that find out the hard way. 220v is a much larger plug than your average household plug. And it’s not that easy and cheap to get it converted. You will need to hire a licensed electrician for this.


  • When moving a gas powered unit, you want to not only measure the space to make sure it fits, but also make sure that the gas connectors are the same size. If they are not, don’t worry, all you need is a gas line coupler/adapter/size converter.

Moving a Fridge or Freezer Vancouver

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1/2 Ton Truck Available for Small Moves Ex- Penske GMC 3500 Box / Cube Truck

1/2 Ton truck available for Small Moves Ex- Penske GMC 3500 Box / Cube Truck

I have one or two men available and we do small moves, hauls to the landfill and or deliveries. I offer reasonable rates and prompt service.

Cargo Van & Ex- Penske GMC 3500 Box Truck | Moving and Delivery Services

Cargo Van & 1Ton Ex- Penske GMC 3500 Box Truck | Moving and Delivery Services

We have a 1 ton cube truck (fully enclosed to protect items during transport) available for morning, afternoons, evening and weekend deliveries. We can move smaller items that just won’t fit in your car or larger loads of multiple Items. We are available for dump runs. House moving (1 or 2 bedrooms) 1 or 2 person delivery team as needs require. We are able to charge hourly or flat rate. Hourly rate is $60/hour for a one person team or $80/hour for 2 person. Flat rate pricing is available. Call Sam’s Small Move Today for a quote.

Will do Old Furniture Removal /  junk removal, customer responsible for any recycling fees for junk removal. Furniture delivery,either new purchase or home moving. Also can do larger item delivery or hot shot deliveries in Vancouver and area.

We also offer courier services day and night as well as weekends.

604 720-2021

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Moving Service Movers / IKEA Furniture Deliveries

Cheap Long Distance Move Vancouver

2009 GMC SAVANA 3500 16 FT CUBE VAN | Small Moves Vancouver

604 720-2021

We are a local small business based in Vancouver. We specialize in curbside single item deliveries such as beds, couches, appliances and big screen televisions etcetera. We also do small moves, recycling and junk removal.

Our services are perfect for anyone buying / selling furniture on Craigslist or from retail outlets. Great for those looking to transport a single or couple small items that are too large to fit into a regular sized car. We are cheaper and more convenient than renting a truck. We charge a flat fee for deliveries and small moves inside Vancouver. We are also cheaper than any competitor or retail outlet, example: IKEA, The Brick, Sears, Mobler, EQ3, Zellers, etc. Our moto is re-using, donating and recycling items whenever possible. Also provide junk and rubbish removal services.


Established in 2010.

Sam’s Small Moves is a small owner operated delivery company in Vancouver that was started in the spring of 2010. The purpose of Sam’s Small Moves is to provide a low cost option for delivery and courier services of small items like envelopes, packages and parcels as well as larger furniture, appliances and electronics.

Our rates
1 mover 1 ton truck =$60/h
2 movers 1 ton truck =$80/h
2-hour minimum + Travel time

East Van Moving

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Delivery/Courier and Transportation in Vancouver, BC | Household Movers

We further provide general pick-ups for our clients. Single items and more from locations such as IKEA, Home Depot, Craigslist purchases from individuals, Costco, and from any other store throughout Vancouver. We pick up the item and deliver it conveniently to your house.

Same Day, Short Notice Mini Move / Mega Move Special | Vancouver

We also pick up and deliver from IKEA, the Brick, Costco, etc…
Light Deliveries and Spring Cleaning Junk Removal – East Vancouver Mover

Small Movers – Small moves – MiniMove – small move, small budget.

Keywords: sofa set | bedroom set | sectional sofas | mattress | dining table | hutch | buffet | washer | dryer | refrigerator | freezer | stove | cheap mover | 1 man and a van. East Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver mover Moving |Small movers,small mover,small moves,small moves,small moving,cheap movers,cheap moving,Movers,apartment movers,low rate movers,cheap movers,home movers,moving truck, no strees, movers,Residential Movers,House Movers,man&truck cheap moving,airport shuttle service,airport cargo van taxi,airport transportation,Student moves,student movers/moving truck rental/cargo van rental/small moving company

East Van Moving

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We can pick-up & deliver your furniture today… Retail Stores, Storage Units, private sellers, etc. | Vancouver

Why pay for movers and a big truck when you need just 1 or a few items moved

Furniture, Parcel Delivery & Courier Services

Hire Sam’s Small Moves for small moves and save a ton of cash.

I move small items including you with my Cargo Van

bed, couches, Parcels, Kijiji,Craigslist or store purchases, Artwork, Dresser, TV’s, Luggage, Boxes etc.

Call me me for a quick flat rate quote. 604-720-2021

Short notice and night and weekends also available at no extra charge
Same day furniture delivery
Short notice small moves
Labor help available!
Flat rates available for certain moves
One hour minimum charge
No travel charge within Vancouver city

We are proud to be gay friendly movers serving LGBT customers

Moving Services | Gay Friendly Movers | Vancouver BC | East Van Moving

West End – Gay Vancouver – East Van Moving

Vancouver’s West End: The Gay Village – Gay Vancouver Removal Services Junk RemovalMovingDeliveries.

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Sam’s Small Moves | Flat Fee Cheap Furniture Delivery | Small Moves and Old Furniture Removal / Disposal

Furniture Delivery Vancouver


Sam’s Small Moves is perfect for anyone buying or selling furniture on Craigslist or from retail outlets. East Vancouver Mover.
Sam’s Small Moves is great for transporting a single or couple small items that are too large to fit into a regular sized car.

I do work alone; therefore please be sure to have help available @ all locations. Sam’s Small Moves will also lend you a hand to load/unload your stuff into my truck.

Deliveries and small moves in Vancouver city . And dump runs are from $70 ! includes dump fees. Junk removal of a couple large items such as a couch and coffee table.

No e-mails, please. Call Sam’s Small Moves at (604) 720-2021 / Short notice is okay.

Sam’s Small Moves – Flat Rate Cheap Delivery, Small Moves and Furniture Removal

*Curbside pickup and curbside delivery. Pick up and deliver your item(s) from and to the front of your house, apartment or building.

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Same Day | Large Item Courier | Large Item Delivery for Heavy Bulky Items in Vancouver

I delivered a couch from HomeSense | West Vancouver | Park Royal to an apartment on Nelson Street, Vancouver. The total charge for the pick-up and drop-off of the couch was $60.

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Pickup and Delivery Services | Curbside pick-up & drop-off.

Pickup and Delivery Services

*Curbside pickup and curbside delivery. Pick up and deliver your item(s) from and to the front of your house, apartment or building.

How does it work? First you book a time for your small move. You can reach me at (604) 720-2021. I will show up at the arranged time and place where I will help you load the truck. I will make sure all items are properly protected with blankets and safely tied down with straps. Then I will drive everything to the drop-off location. If you need a ride that if fine. I can give up to 2 people a ride. At the drop-off location I will help you unload your items from my truck. All services provided are done at the curbside such as the street curb, loading zone, driveway or back alley etc. An easily accessible garage or carport is also okay.

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Short Notice Home Depot Furniture Delivery Service in Vancouver

Any moving  24/7. No min charges.

Same Day Service | Home Depot Furniture Delivery in Vancouver

Home Depot appliance delivery In Vancouver

Short Notice Service – Last Min. Delivery: Home Depot, Costco, Rona etc.  |Vancouver


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24/7 Affordable Small Moves, Delivery and Junk Removal, Call Sam’s Small Moves!

24/7 Affordable Small Moves, Delivery and Junk Removal, Call Sam’s Small Moves!

Small Moving & Delivery Call: 604-720-2021. Cheap Flat Rate

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