Sofa Removal, Disposal & Recycling in Vancouver and East Vancouver

Couch Removal Vancouver

Couch removal for East Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Lions Bay Areas.

Disposal fee for couch removal – $60 to $90

If you have more than one couch

With couch removal, fees are based on the couch disposal fees we have to pay at the transfer station, fuel cost, labor costs and time.  If you have more than one couch to dispose of, the cost for each additional couch decreases.  Your first couch will cost you $60 and each additional one will cost you only $40. If you have more than that, then we can come up to a deal that makes both parties happy.  If you have a loveseat in addition to your couch, you should expect a disposal fee of around $1o0.


Junk Removal – Affordable Rubbish Removal

Servicing Vancouver, Burnaby, West Vancouver and North Vancouver

Cheap Delivery, Small Moves, Recycling and Junk Removal Comapany in Vancouver

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