Recliner Chair Delivery from Maynards to East Vancouver


Recliner Chair Delivery | I received a call regarding my delivery services. The person had purchased a reclining chair from the Maynards store located on1837 Main Street, Vancouver and they needed the item picked up and brought to their houset in East Vancouver. I got to the Maynards store around 11:00am and gave them the order information. When the person had purchased the recliner they had left my name with Maynards so I could pick-up the recliner chair on their behalf. After the store verified my information they got the order together and loaded the recliner and ottoman into my truck. I called the person one last time to let them know I was heading over and would be there in approximately 7 minutes. The drop-off location was in East Vancouver on Victoria Drive.

1837 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5T 3B8
(604) 876-2678

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