Emergency Same Day Moving Services | Small Moves

Guy With a Truck (Downtown, Kits, Kerrisdale & East Vancouver – Movers)

Minimum charge is 1 hour  – End Of Month 2 hours, after the first hour, we charge in 30 minute increments
(most other companies insist on a minimum 2 hour charge making those small jobs
more expensive than they need be!)


Man With Van is based in Vancouver, East.

Service available 7 days a week in central & greater Vancouver

For cheap curbside* small moves and deliveries and garbage removal services visit https://samssmallmoves.ca/
Mattress, sofa & other furniture delivery service and rubbish disposal
For speedy and dependable service, my phone number is: 604-720-2021
Rates start at $  for small-moves and deliveries in Vancouver
*Junk disposal starts at $
(City of Vancouver, downtown, kerrisdale and other)


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ikea costco and brick store pickups and drop offs. junk rubbish trash garabage and recycling services. honest mover. furniture appliances fridge stove washer dryer. free donation pick up and drop off. salvation army and thrift store and many more services available.

We are proud to be gay friendly movers serving LGBT customers