Vancouver delivery, warehousing and transportation


We deliver and move any item that is too large to fit inside a car. Vancouver delivery, warehousing and transportation

Delivery, courier and transportation services provided for various need,

— Delivery of goods
— Dispatch to various locations.
— Transportation of equipments or similar.

** One-man operation most of the time.

Much cheaper rates than ikea, the brick, mobler, eq3. sears. zellers, wherever.
Delivery service and small moves available within Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond.
Perfect for anyone buying or selling furniture on craigslist or from retail outlets.
Example: couch, sofa, loveseat, mattress, boxspring, bed, table, big screen tv’s, etc.
movers moving junk removal garbage trash deliveries

*Curbside pickup and curbside delivery. Pick up and deliver your item(s) from and to the front of your house, apartment or building.

Delivery / small moves anywhere in Vancouver, near the Van-Burnaby border and near the Van-Richmond border.
Starts at $70  for junk removal of a couple large items ie. couch and loveseat within Vancouver, Burnaby, or Richmond.

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