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Perfect for anyone buying or selling furniture on Craigslist or from retail outlets.
Delivery service and small moves available within Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond.
Example: couch, sofa, loveseat, mattress, boxspring, bed, table, etc.
Much cheaper rates than IKEA, The Brick, Mobler, Eq3. Sears. Zellers, wherever.

*Curbside pickup and curbside delivery. Pick up and deliver your item(s) from and to the front of your house, apartment or building.

Flat Fee for delivery / small moves anywhere in Vancouver, near the Vancouver-Burnaby border and near the Vancouver-Richmond border.
$70 Flat Fee for junk removal of a couple large items ie. couch and loveseat within Vancouver, Burnaby, or Richmond.

(604) 720-2021. Available until 8:00PM rain or shine. Short notice is okay.


Furniture Delivery Services | Furniture Couriers | Vancouver

Furniture Delivery Services | Furniture Couriers | Vancouver

Last Minute Mover – Call Today Move Today -Vancouver

Cheap Delivery, Small Moves, Recycling and Junk Removal Company in Vancouver

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