Small Moves – Cargo / luggage pick-ups from the airport or shipping terminals.

Cargo/luggage pick-ups from the airport or shipping terminals.

Cargo / luggage pick-ups from the YVR airport or shipping terminals.

Freight Pickup – Air Freight Pickup and Delivery | Cargo / luggage pick-ups from the YVR airport or shipping terminals.


– Rates start at $50 in Vancouver. Negotiable depending on Location and Number of Items.
Curbside pick-up & drop-off. *all prices stated are curbside pickup and drop-off. Extra fees might apply if you need additional help. Will let you know upfront.
604 720 2021.

What is Sam’s Small Moves? Sam’s Small Moves is a small owner operated delivery company in Vancouver that was started in the spring of 2010. The purpose of Small Moves is to provide a low cost option for delivery and courier services of small items like envelopes, packages and parcels as well as larger furniture, appliances and electronics.

How does it work? Simple. Call Sam’s Small Moves at        (604) 720-2021 to setup a time. I will meet you at the scheduled time and place where I will help you load the truck with your item(s). I will make sure every thing is protected with blankets and properly secured with straps. And lastly, at the drop-off location I will help you unload the truck. All delivery services I provide are done at the curbside meaning at the street curb, loading zone, driveway, back lane or similar.

How much do you charge? Rates start at $50 / Negotiable depending on Location and Number of Items. for any delivery in Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond.

What are your business hours and how much notice do you need? I am available 7 days a week from 10:00am-5:00pm. 1-2 days notice is preferred. However, I also do provide same day-short notice and last minute-emergency deliveries and rush courier services in Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond. Booking in advance is recommended if you have made specific arrangements such as notifying your buildings concierge or booking an elevator etc.

How much would a mattress delivery from the IKEA in Richmond to Vancouver cost? The  cost for a mattress delivery to Vancouver Starts at $60. Short notice is fine. Give me a call Sam’s Small Moves at (604) 720-2021 to set something up. I can usually do same day deliveries except during “end of the month.”

How much would a couch delivery from the Brick in Vancouver to Downtown cost? The cost for a couch delivery in Vancouver starts at  $60. Most deliveries within Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond are $80 total.

How much would a 60?  LCD TV Delivery from the Future Shop in Metrotown to Richmond cost? If the drop-off location is near the Vancouver-Richmond border the cost Start at $50

How much would a fridge delivery from the Walmart in Vancouver to East Vancouver cost? My Cargo Van is enclosed.  The fridge must be loaded laying on its side. It is recommended that you wait 24 hours before plugging in any fridge transported on its side. The cost for the fridge delivery to East Van start at $80. Other appliance deliveries in Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond such a washers, dryers, dishwashers etc. will also cost the same.

What about items purchased through Craigslist or Kijiji? There is no difference. The cost would be the exact same. I provide delivery services to and from both commercial and residential addresses.  Rates start at $50 in Vancouver. Negotiable depending on Location and Number of Items.

How much do you charge for furniture delivery services outside of Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond? Prices for furniture delivery services to New Westminster, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Coquitlam range from $80 – $150 depending on the exact locations.

What are the advantages of using your services? First off, I am way cheaper. I am the cheapest delivery company in Vancouver. Secondly, most retail outlets like IKEA, Homesense, Costco, Sears, Mobler, EQ3, Zellers and Best Buy can take over 3 weeks to deliver your item(s). I offer same day delivery and often times I do same hour! deliveries.

Do you provide your services to small businesses as well? A lot of local small businesses such as realtors, home stagers, contractors and small stores etc. use my services. Regularly renting a small truck from Budget or U-Haul can become very expensive, inconvenient and time consuming. My cheap delivery company is perfect for people looking for a simple (no hourly rates), quick (I can reach any place in Vancouver within 30 minutes) and headache free (no drama and no surprises) solution.

Is there anything you do not deliver? As far as residential furniture delivery goes I do not deliver piano’s, pool tables and heavy office furniture. For commercial deliveries I do not transport topsoil (dirt) and heavy commercial equipment.

If you have any other questions please feel free to call Sam’s Small Moves at (604) 720-2021.

Cargo / luggage pick-ups from the YVR airport or shipping terminals.

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