Pickup and Delivery Services | Curbside pick-up & drop-off.

Pickup and Delivery Services

*Curbside pickup and curbside delivery. Pick up and deliver your item(s) from and to the front of your house, apartment or building.

How does it work? First you book a time for your small move. You can reach me at (604) 720-2021. I will show up at the arranged time and place where I will help you load the truck. I will make sure all items are properly protected with blankets and safely tied down with straps. Then I will drive everything to the drop-off location. If you need a ride that if fine. I can give up to 2 people a ride. At the drop-off location I will help you unload your items from my truck. All services provided are done at the curbside such as the street curb, loading zone, driveway or back alley etc. An easily accessible garage or carport is also okay.

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