IKEA Furniture Delivery Service – IKEA Richmond – Vancouver

ikea furniture delivery IKEA Furniture Pick-up Delivery - Vancouver Richmond

IKEA Furniture Pick-up Delivery – Vancouver Richmond

Richmond IKEA Delivery

IKEA Furniture Delivery | I delivered some small miscellaneous IKEA items from the Richmond IKEA store located at 3200 Sweden Way in Richmond to a house in East Vancouver. The person was new to the city of Vancouver and had just arrived here a few days ago. He did not have a vehicle or any other way to get the items to his house so he called me! I charged him $70 for the delivery from the Richmond IKEA store. The IKEA store in Richmond does offer a delivery service however they take much longer to deliver the items and often charge more depending on the number of items you have. Rates start at $60

I can usually do deliveries from IKEA with only an hours notice too!

*All delivery and small moving services provided are curbside pick-up and curbside drop-off. The loading zone, back lane, carport, garage or driveway are all okay too.

Cheap Delivery Service – We Deliver Any Item(s). To and From Retail and Residential Locations.

IKEA delivery services – IKEA

Richmond IKEA Delivery Service


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