Moving Dining Room Table with 6 chairs – Small Moves

Small Moves | I moved dining room table with 6 chairs from Kitsilano to a Garage Sale in East Vancouver around Commercial Drive.

– Last minutes call, no problems
– You purchased something at the department stores, second hand stores, classifieds websites and want it delivered, I can do it for you
– Student and want to move your belongings, luggage to a new place or back home. I can help u
– Want to pick up or drop off items at your storage
– Need to pickup your luggage from the airport cargo while you relax
– Ideal size for TV, dresser, small table, small desk, coffee tables, moving boxes, twin size mattress, washer, dryer, stove and similar size items.(No construction materials)

Cheap Delivery, Small Moves, Recycling and Junk Removal Comapany in Vancouver

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