Single Item Delivery Service

I delivered a dishwasher fom Vancouver Discount Home Appliances | Red Door Warehouse to kitsilano.

Business Owner, Peter

Single Item Delivery Service

Cheap Delivery, Small Moves, Recycling and Junk Removal Company in Vancouver

Furniture, Appliance and Other Household Deliveries & Disposal Service (East Vancouver Mover)

Clean Cargo Van  and driver available today, tomorrow or this weekend for furniture, appliance and other household deliveries & disposal services.

I can delivery furniture, appliances, large TV’s, luggage, boxes, clothing and anything else that I can safely fit into my truck. I can also help you pick-up mattresses and sofas or other items purchased from stores like the Brick or IKEA or through Craigslist or Kijiji.

If you need to transfer your belongings to or from storage facilities like maple storage, I do that as well. I even provide recycling services for yard waste, trimmings, branches, fridges, washers, dryers, stoves, cardboard etc.

note that all services provided are curb to curb. This means that the items should be waiting on the curb. On rainy days lobby to lobby or just inside can be arranged at no extra cost to you.

Please feel free to call me anytime between 10am to 8pm if you have any questions or require a free estimate.

I can be reached at (604) 720-2021.

Short notice and last minute is usually okay except during the end of the month (27th-3rd)

Thank you,

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